Tami Roman*The other day Evelyn Lozada said the new season of ‘BBW’ is going to be better than ever with less acting up and a little less drama.

Though she was mostly talking about herself, it seems it’s not just her.

Tami Roman says she’s gotten better too.

In an interview with CocoaFab.com, “… people are really going to be surprised at the approach we’re going to take this season because it’s more family-oriented, not as much drama.”

Maybe the ladies can credit the change to some healing processes and rough real times. But they also welcomed a few new cast members, Tasha Marbury, Brandy Garnett and Dwight Howard’s ex-wife, Hope Alexa.

Maybe the new soup of women has something to do with it.

Regardless, whatever it is, supposedly fans will see a vast improvement from the constant fighting, bullying, and bashing.

“What you’ve seen in past seasons was real, but that’s not how our lives are 98% of the time. We’re excited to show you more than just the drama,” Tami said. “I’m really a loving person and you’ll see that on season five.”