tony dungy*The National Football League has been dealing with a lot a lot this year, particularly in the last two weeks.

NBC analyst and Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy took time to publicly reflect on the challenges the league has been through, and decided some of these tragedies could have been prevented.

After lineman Josh Brent, who was driving under the influence, was charged with manslaughter Saturday, sports commentator Bob Costas proposed a safe rides program for players.

“Any NFL player can just pick up a phone and arrange a ride, if he feels he’s impaired,” Costas suggested.

Dungy, however, put a bit of the responsibility on the coaches, proposing they somehow operate as the NFL’s conscious.

“I would talk to the team about that over and over and over again,” Dungy said.

As a former coach, he did just that. He brought in a local teenager who had served time for vehicular homicide, killing three people.

“I said, ‘You’ve got to tell this story to my team because I’m looking for different voices, different ways to get that across,'” he said.

According to USA Today, driving under the influence remains the number one criminal issue in the NFL.