terry & teleah achane

dge returns 18-month-old Teleah to her biological dad, Terry Achane, after his wife put her up for adoption without his consent.

*For once! The fathers get their fair shake in court.

Normally, fathers for one reason or another, are not successful in family cases where they try to sue for custody of their children.

But women and men alike are unsuccessful in having their children returned once they’ve chosen to put them up for adoption.

In an outrageous adoption case in Utah, Judge Darold McDade of Provo, Utah, ruled that Terry Achane have his daughter returned to him by adoptive parents Jared and Kristi Frei within 60 days because of an illegal adoption that is normal for Utah.

Little 18-month-old Leah Frei or Teleah, as her daddy calls her, was put up for adoption by Achane’s wife while he was stationed in South Carolina to work as a drill instructor at Fort Jackson. He thought he would be returning in time to see his daughter born, but instead found his wife, Tira Bland, had fled to Utah