kevin clash & elmo*It’s all over for Kevin Clash since the underage sex thing shocked the world.

The puppeteer resigned from his position with “Sesame Street” about two weeks ago, following the reputation crushing allegations of having sexual relations with two underage partners. Another alleged victim recently came forward as well.

Now the man is going to have a hard time finding work.

Warner Bros. Pictures just cut all ties with Clash in the midst of developing a feature film that would include Clash’s expertise.

According to Vulture, he was at work creating a new character for a children’s flick.

It was actually supposed to be a pretty big deal for the company since Clash is something like a children’s entertainment specialist and the hope that the project would eventually take on a life of its own.

Now he’s out of the picture.

One insider familiar with the project said that with the trio of unresolved allegations hanging over Clash’s head, it was unlikely that any outfit in town would be interested.

“After all that stuff happened, the studio was like, ‘We’re never going to mention this again,’” said our production insider, clearly relieved that the project had not gotten further along. Indeed, had things moved more rapidly with Clash — no script was ever written — Warner Bros. could have wound up with a costly CGI family film that almost surely would have tanked and, what’s more, would likely have tarnished the careers of those involved.

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