beyonce *Even with the continuing black on black crime/murder rate in Chicago and other major urban areas around the country, it took the mass slayings at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut to galvanize celebrities into using their positions to help bring about more effective gun control legislation.

Celebs such as Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, John Legend and Carmelo Anthony recently came together to film a public service announcement for Demand A plan USA to pressure Washington politicians to enact legislation for gun control.

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The stars attempt to draw attention – in the 90-second video – to gun violence by listing multiple mass shootings from Virginia Tech to Columbine.

“How many more colleges? How many more classrooms? How many more movie theaters? How many more houses of faith,” they ask.

Ironically, the PSA was released on the same day as the National Rifle Association’s press conference which is pushing for, among other things, that teachers carry guns on them in the class room.