donovan nelson

Donovan Nelson, 54, from England, after his liposuction and pectoral surgery called VASER.

*If Ice-T and Coco pop into your head while reading this, we understand.

Anyway, the “50 is the new 30″ age is here and very real. Folks are sparing no expense to be young and sexy.

It appears that being a senior citizen is out of the question for anyone born after 1960.

Donovan Nelson, 54, is a perfect example of the Dorian Gray society we are slowly, but surely, adopting.

The 54-year-old from Braintree, Essex (about 40 miles outside London) has a wife 21 years his junior that still hits the clubs…athletic and otherwise.

Now everyone knows what goes down at the club. It’s like Wild Kingdom in there. (more…)

donovan nelson & wife

Donovan Nelson and his wife