Chris Warren

Chris Warren Jr.

*Dang, child stars never win.

“High School Musical” star Chris Warren is going after his parents in the courts, claiming his divorcing parents stole thousands of dollars from him.


According to TMZ, mommy (“Passions” actress) Brook Kerr and daddy Christopher Warren Sr. allegedly established a trust for him back in 2001 when he first started his child acting gigs. But they’ve been secretly dipping in his pockets all this time.

He also says when he decided to make a withdrawal at 21 years old in 2011, his parents refused to give him access.

They were hiding the fact they blew through hundreds of thousands of the poor boy’s own money.

Chris wants it back, but he doesn’t know how much they took.

brook kerr & christopher warren sr

Brook Kerr & Christopher Warren Sr.

Oh yeah, the plot thickens because as if you recall, Brook and Christopher Sr. are in the middle of a nasty divorce.

Geez, talk about drama.