Al Roker *Weatherman/broadcaster Al Roker shared all his nasty booty business during an NBC “Dateline” interview.

His sharing time included a story about him “sharting” in the White House. But not everyone took too kindly to the story and criticism swarmed the Net.

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So during his interview on the “Today Show,” Willie Geist first apologized about bringing the topic up, but asked him about his choice to share the information.

“I’m just kind of amazed that this is such a big deal.” He quickly tried to steer the story in a more serious direction, saying he was just trying to emphasize the risks of gastric bypass surgery.

But being in the industry, he understands how news travels so fast.

Then he brought up his new book, ” Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight-Loss Battle For Good,” and mentioned that the story appears in it, adding,

“But of course, nobody reads at these websites.”

Amazon sales of the book is said to have shot upwards almost immediately, by the way.


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