robert earl thomas mugshot*Remember that story we ran earlier in the week where some fool shot and killed another man outside a Hollywood club in the midst of a brawl?

Well, said fool who allegedly pulled the trigger, one Robert Earl Thomas III, has been arrested after he was found hiding out at a friend’s house in Las Vegas, according to TMZ.

When cops entered the premises last night and placed him under arrest for murder, he surrendered without a struggle.

We posted TMZ‘s video of the shooter outside Empire nightclub when he aimed the gun and fired, killing one man and wounding another.  The video clearly shows the shooter and law enforcement tells us they got a number of tips from people who saw it and that led to Thomas’ capture. (We’ve reposted the video below.)

Thomas, 21, has a Los Angeles address and is currently being held in a Las Vegas, Nevada jail. Prosecutors plan to extradite him back to California.