woman & children

Atlanta women verbally attack guard outside a store because he yelled at their children.

*Those who are employed to work with the general public have positions that only some people can effectively perform.

But when it seems that poor judgment is used while performing their duties, there’s always controversy.

A disturbing YouTube video that is circulating Facebook shows a man in an altercation with two women outside a store.

The only thing we know about the incident is what’s seen on video and we are looking for answers.

There is a recording device on the man’s body and he is recording the entire event that transpires in front of a store it appears he is guarding.

The caption for the video reads:

This ghetto mama at the 5 Points Plaza in downtown Atlanta gets tased for not backin’ it up.

“Don’t yell at my motherf**in’ baby!” – 2013 Mother of the Year and Top Roll Model