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“The Bachelor” Sean Lowe surprised Leslie H. with a handmade diamond and platinum princess necklace for their one-on-one date. Hours later, he eliminated her from the competition.

*He couldn’t even wait until the rose ceremony.

ABC’s “Bachelor” Sean Lowe sent home Leslie H. during their one-on-one date on Monday’s episode, and has explained the reason behind his decision in his Tuesday blog for

He writes:

“You usually know if a spark exists with someone within seconds of meeting that person. In rare cases, a spark can develop into a relationship. I was hoping that would happen with Leslie H. on the Pretty Woman date. She was so friendly, kind and down to earth. I think she said “holy moly” at least a dozen times because of the extravagance of the date and she was grateful to be on it with me.

“I really enjoyed my day and had fun shopping with her. The conversation was effortless and she made me laugh a lot, but I never found the spark I was looking for. Sending her home was one of the more difficult things I had to do all season because I knew she didn’t see it coming. I admired and respected Leslie for so many reasons, but I knew she wasn’t the one for me.”

Leslie H. was one of four African American women cast this season in the wake of a lawsuit that accused the show of racial discrimination. Blindsided, Leslie took the rejection well. Climbing into her waiting car, she warned Sean to be careful of the ladies who aren’t in the competition for the right reasons.