*Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive preview of next week’s episode of “The Bachelor,” in which star Sean tells one of the show’s three African American contestants that his last girlfriend was black.

EW points out the irony of the conversation, considering this current season is the first to air since the show was sued for discrimination last year, and also the first to feature a black female contestant since Matt Grant’s season in 2008.

In the preview clip, Robyn Howard — a.k.a. the one who fell on her head while trying to do a back flip — asks Sean about this season’s surprising increase in diversity, and if he is even attracted to black women.

“This is the best question I’ve gotten all night,” Sean answers. “People look at me, blond hair and blue eyes, and they assume he probably goes for white girls who are blond. Honestly, physically, I don’t have a type.”

He goes on to point out that he’s dated women in many races, and that his last girlfriend was black. Watch his full answer here.