Robyn Howard after falling on “The Bachelor” Season 17, Episode 1

*There are three women of color on “The Bachelor” this season, and one of them is already in the headlines because she literally fell on her head while trying to do a backflip.

Remember, ABC’s reality dating series was the target of a lawsuit from two African American men last year who claimed the show practiced racial discrimination. There has never been a black Bachelor or Bachelorette. Producers have thus far preferred to sprinkle what little diversity there is among the contestant pool.

Four African Americans (including Robyn, standing to Sean Lowe’s immediate right) started out season 17 of The Bachelor

Host Chris Harrison says this season features more diversity than in the past because Bachelor Sean Lowe wanted it that way.

“It was definitely done on purpose for our Bachelor. Sean has dated across the spectrum; that’s something that very much doesn’t matter to him and, in fact, he likes being diverse,” Harrison told TV Guide.

So enter Robyn Howard of Houston, one of the 26 women competing for Sean’s ultimate final rose. On Monday’s season premiere, Robyn thought she’d stand out from the pack by backflipping her way toward him from the limo.

She fell before she got to her destination, but she did get a rose – as did two of the other three sisters pictured below. (Ashley H didn’t make it.)

Robyn Howard (Oilfield Account Manager, Houston) – The Bachelor – Season 17

Brooke Burchette (Community Organizer, Pittsburgh) – The Bachelor Season 17

Leslie A. Hughes (Poker Dealer, Ruskin, Fl) – The Bachelor Season 17

Ashley H.  (model, Garner, NC) – The Bachelor Season 17