*Out with the old and in with the new for former “Basketball Wives Star” Gloria Govan.

She may have gotten kicked off the controversial franchise reality show, but the beautiful television star has been picked up for a comedy; on the recently launched Comedy Shaq Network on YouTube.

“Backstage Confidential” is a series of side-splitting interviews of some of the industry’s most hilarious people; like Kevin Hart, DeRay Davis, Chris Tucker, Tommy Davidson, D.L. Hughley and Bill Bellamy.

And these guys will all be featured on the first installment of the series.

Each episode will be a unique experience with lot of laughs, crazy stories, and revealing interviews.

And that’s not all for Govan. She’s also set to star in another series, “Clean Ops.” Written by Sylvia Hillman and Michael Anthony Snowden, the action series follows an undercover vigilante institute, Clean Ops, that recruits high-risk urban kids to learn performing arts, while working as assassins by night.

Surprisingly, Govan plays a classically trained ballerina/assassin.

Check out the trailer for series: