*“Django” hit the jackpot this year for Oscar nominations. The controversial spaghetti Western/slave flick, however, is not cool enough for the committee to push past its tradition of skipping over great black actors.

Supporting actor Christoph Waltz was nominated and the film got nods for best picture and original screenplay.

However, Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get a lick.

While some say Jamie and Kerry were not quite ready for the Oscars, Sam outdid himself this time around, but again, no love.

But if this wasn’t about race, good acting was also totally overlooked, in some opinions. Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been nominated in the past but never won, missed out completely this time around.

Quentin Tarantino was overlooked for best director as well.

But who said this was the “People’s Choice” awards?

Jamie, who has been vocal lately, spoke up about the historical lack of recognition among the Academy Awards.

“A lot of times we’re not nominated when we do honorable work. Because with the slave she [Washington] plays there is dignity in everything she played,” Foxx told thegrio. “It wasn’t subservient; she wasn’t giving up to anything. So a lot of times they do overlook that, they may not want to reward that.”

In other Oscar nom news, Denzel and “Beasts of the Southern Wild” were nominated.