*Maybe it’s not the car, Bobbi Kristina.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter recently got herself a new ride, one she feels will help her out in the bad driving/multiple accident department, according to TMZ.

Bobbi Kristina purchased a 2013 Lexus IS 250 right before Christmas — and is telling friends she feels much more comfortable driving the new car than she did her previous ride, a black Chevy Camaro, which she smashed up several occasions.

Bobbi feels the visibility in her new Lex is a lot better, which just might help lead to fewer accidents for her.

As reported, Bobbi crashed her old Camaro a number times … first into her boyfriend, Nick Gordon’s parked car, then into several trees on a Georgia embankment. She was also involved in a third accident in the Camaro, riding in the passenger seat.

Like we said, maybe it’s not the car, Miss Bobbi.