Hollywood legend Bill Duke presents new interactive film on Qubeey Channel

*When Qubeey, a browser-free technology platform, launched at International Consumer Electronics Show 2012, prominent in its branding was the question, “How will you use it?”

Two premium Qubeey channel owners – television host, venom expert and base jumper Donald Schultz, and multiple award-winning Hollywood director and actor Bill Duke – are maximizing Qubeey functionality to accomplish personal goals. They each will make a personal appearance at International CES 2013, Qubeey Booth 36156 in the South Hall.

Based in Southern California, Qubeey is transforming Internet communications and access through interactive and assertive communications, customized content streams, live feeds from users’ bridged networks, live video chats from user profiles, and individual user channels, all available through Qubeey’s Qube interface at www.qubeey.com.

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, Schultz will stage a jump off of a Las Vegas Strip hotel at 11:30 a.m., along with multiple jumpers, to bring awareness to a personal passion – the plight of the black rhinoceros, slain for its coveted horn. His jump, and subsequent jumps Wednesday, will be live streamed through his Qubeey channel in booth 36156.

Additionally, Schultz plans to use his customized channel as a fundraising mechanism to support initiatives to bring an end to poaching of rhinos in South Africa, his beloved homeland. Qubeey is helping this star of National Geographic, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel television support a cause he cares about deeply. Visit www.qubeey.com/donaldschultz. Meet him following his jump in the Qubeey booth.

Also in Qubeey Booth 36156, Duke, who is Hollywood royalty, will meet and greet guests on Thursday, Jan. 10, at 2 p.m. He is well known and much beloved for his many stints in front of and behind the camera. Who can forget his early comedic role in the movie “Car Wash,” or how he exploded on the scene in his battle against “Predator.”

Duke will introduce the trailer for his latest project, “Menace,” the first interactive film designed exclusively for distribution directly to desktops and other device tops.  A collaboration between Duke Media and Qubeey Studios, “Menace” takes full advantage of the many attributes Qubeey offers.

Imagine a movie where viewers get to choose what happens next. With a click of a mouse, “Menace” takes viewers on a thrilling, suspense-filled ride that they get to direct via “accept” and “deny” options at every turn. Additionally, special effects come off the screen onto the device top for added, interactive interest.

With “Menace,” Duke and Qubeey are at the forefront of creating a viewer-powered entertainment platform that promises to be an incredible technology game-changer.

Visit Qubeey booth 36156 to meet the legendary Bill Duke and to view the “Menace” trailer. Also, visit www.qubeey.com/billduke.

Qubeey is available on PCs, Macs, iPads, Tablets, mobile phones and soon on gaming devices and smart TVs.

To test-drive Qubeey, visit www.qubeey.com. For more information, visit www.qubeeypress.com or call 818-826-5970. For on-site interviews and demos, e-mail [email protected].