charles barkley*Charles Barkley likes controversy. It’s a fact at this point. The sports analyst cracked an inappropriate joke in reference to slavery.

When co-host Kenny Smith asked the former NBA star to name his favorite president. You already knew it was going to be a hot mess and he probably did too.

In response, Charles gave his answer: “I love President Obama, but Abe Lincoln is my new favorite president,” Barkley said. “You know why? Because if it weren’t for him, we’d be calling Ernie (Johnson) ‘boss.'”

To help smooth over the awkward moment, Kenny and Shaq attempted to change the subject only for good ol’ Charles to come in and call him “Boss.”

Viewers responded via Twitter, some with disappointment and others with amusement”

[email protected] Ben Manning Charles Barkley’s slavery joke was very solid. Hahaha.”

[email protected] Steve Lindsay Charles Barkley makes a joke about slavery on national tv. Never a good idea.”