*Oh boy, when celebrities break up, it’s never a private matter.

Rumors were ripping all over the Internet recently, pointing to Ciara as the cause for 50 Cent’s break up with Chelsea Handler. It turns out the gossip was true.

The rapper made a guest appearance on the Howard Stern show to discuss the break up and his relationship with her.

Howard asked 50 how he felt about Chelsea saying that her white friends thought it was comical that they dated.

He explained that her friends didn’t treat him any differently and they actually had a lot in common.

But about the split – according to 50, he called Chelsea to complain prior to Ciara’s guest appearance on the show. The talk show host didn’t like it and said it was very “8th grade” of him and dumped him on the spot basically.

To his defense, he wanted to warn his then girlfriend of any potential tension because Ciara was still calling him.

Womp Womp.

Check out the interview: