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Joe Edwards

*One of New Jersey’s biggest community leaders, mentors and coaches who has given so much to many now needs the help of his fellow peers.

In his years as a youth football coach in Bayonne, New Jersey, Joe Edwards has had a positive impact on many young men who went on to play college football and the NFL including Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans, Jammal Lord of the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Houston Texans and Jerome Hayes of Penn State among others.

Currently Joe is dealing with the same health challenge Robin Roberts of Good Morning America announced she was dealing with this past June in Myelodyplastic Syndrome. It’s a blood disorder that impacts the bone marrow. It was reported recently Robin could be headed back to Good Morning America in February.

In an interview with Chris Yandek of, Joe’s niece Raven Edwards and one of his good friends Rob Gill spoke about why he needs the help of others. A fundraising campaign is currently going on to assist Joe with medical expenses and his bone marrow transplant surgery.

Raven provided an update on Joe’s current health state as he waits for his bone marrow transplant surgery:

“At the current moment with Joe, we have done bone marrow testing for his five siblings. Unfortunately only two of them were half matches. Of course, they try to go with a full match. They’re searching the databases at this moment to find someone that may be a full match. If we cannot find a full match within the next two to three weeks, they will be going with one of the half matches, either the brother or sister that do match. … As of now with financials, we are looking for help with the bone marrow transplant. We’re trying to look for help just to help with living costs every day, living costs for Joe, medical bills and all the medicines and everything at this point.”

Joe’s friend Rob Gill explained why Joe deserves the assistance of his fellow peers:

“Joe is one of the most giving people that I’ve ever met in my entire life. … He’s such a great leader in Bayonne. He’s a phenomenal motivator. He’s one of the biggest givers I’ve ever met and you know he deserves this help, he really does. … You would never know that he’s going what he’s going through based on his attitude. His attitude is incredible. He’s one of the most generous, giving kids. When it comes to the youth football, it’s 12 months around the clock year. It’s not paid a lot of money. He does it for the love of it. … I think that he tries to intervene with these young athletes and these young kids and really kind of change, maybe, some of their trajectories or paths based on certain things he sees in them that he might’ve felt when he was at that point.”

You can listen to the entire interview and read more at Chris Yandek’s

Those interested in assisting Joe with his bone marrow transplant and medical bills can visit