Dr. Karenga

*As we reported, Wisconsin state Senator Glenn Grossman (R-West Bend) is on record stating that Kwanzaa is a ‘fake’ holiday.

Cal State Long Beach professor Dr. Maulana Karenga responded on KTLA News to Grossman’s accusations of “hard-core left wingers” using the holiday, celebrated by African-Americans in late December, as a way to divide the country.

The professor, who created the holiday in 1966, said he doesn’t take the senator seriously. In the news report he stated:

“Why is he [Grothman] concerned with Kwanzaa? Kwanzaa is our Pan African and African American holiday that celebrates family, community [and] culture.”

Karenga said he created the holiday as a cultural holiday so people of all faiths can celebrate.

Senator Grothman was also quoted as saying “almost no black people” care about Kwanzaa and is not a real holiday in his estimation.

Check out Dr. Karenga’s full response in the KTLA video report below: