denzel daughter olivia & ryan seacrest

Daughter Olivia, Denzel and Ryan Seacrest at 2013 Golden Globes red carpet

*Before anybody tries to start some ish, let the record show that the woman on Denzel Washington‘s arm as he walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes was his daughter, Olivia.

In fact, before beginning their interview on Sunday night’s red carpet, Mr. Washington advised E!’s Ryan Seacrest, “It’s not my wife Pauletta, it’s my daughter.”

22-year-old Olivia, who worked on “Django,” and who’s not often seen or photographed at industry events, filled in for his normal date — his wife of 29 years, Pauletta. Olivia is one of Denzel and Pauletta’s four children, John David, Katia, and her twin brother, Malcolm. And might we add, she looks a lot like her mother, too.

Interestingly, Denzel, sensing that Seacrest was a tad perplexed about Olivia was, saved him from making a boo-boo as mystery dates have perplexed interviewers in the past, reports Yahoo’s OMG. The worst mishap was probably the moment Joan Rivers confused Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins’ then-wife, Jennifer Lynton, for his mother on an awards red carpet in the past.