*Man, some of these rappers need to just sit their criminal behind down and stop playing games on records.

Chief Keef is already a controversial figure – at least to white people. But now he’s being accused of confessing to ordering a hit man to kill 18-year-old rival, Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman, because of a line in a song.

In the song “Diamonds,” Keef raps: “Catch you slipping Scottie Pippin one phone call and you hit.”

(Listen to it below.)

To be honest though, the lyric doesn’t really say a thing about the murder or the victim. Maybe it’s just paranoia, a desperate attempt by some to prove his guilt, or a clever line.

Even Lil JoJo’s mother has blamed Keef for her son’s death, stating he had a hit out for him.

Suspicions were initially heightened when shortly after a social media confrontation erupted between the two parties, JoJo was shot and killed.

Keef has consistently denied all ties to the murder.