*Call it cause and effect or unintended consequences or something like that.

Anyway, what we’re trying to say is that news of the “Django Unchained” action figures a/k/a “slave dolls” being discontinued, has created a must-have scenario.

The Action figures are going for $300 apiece and up on sites like eBay after distributor The Weinstein Company announced on Friday that it was pulling the toys off the shelves. according to Deadline.

As EUR first reported, the dolls had civil rights activists like Najee Ali in a tizzy. He, along with Rev. Al Sharpton’s Project Islamic Hope, called for a boycott of the items.

The NECA-issued toys had been selling for $39.99 on Amazon and had been created “as a matter of course” for fans 17 years and older, according to the studio, which released a statement today announcing the move. “In light of the reaction to the Django Unchained action figures we are removing them from distribution. We have tremendous respect for the audience and it was never our intent to offend anyone. Action figures have been created for all of Quentin’s films including “Inglourious Basterds,” and as a matter of course produced them for Django Unchained as well.” Right now, a complete set of the toys is bidding up past $1000 and counting on eBay.

You can read more about this story at Deadline.