conrad murray*Former doctor of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, has been trying to wiggle his way out of jail since the beginning. Now he’s conveniently complaining of constant pain.

TMZ says he left a voice message with a friend, and it sounded as if he was crying uncontrollably. He complained of the lack of rights behind bars and said his health is deteriorating.

An excerpt from the message:

“I can’t sleep now, it’s very hard and I’m in constant pain. All I am asking for is can someone please help me please …please give me a little bit of help. I tried calling my attorney, she can’t even pick up the phone…and do me a favor…if somebody could just maybe call the sheriff himself, call Sheriff Baca..ask him to please see me, maybe he doesn’t know what happens in here. I don’t understand for 8 months I’ve been in this pain but more and more loss of my limbs… for 6 months plus they have ordered an MRI, which has not come to pass.  I’ve been taking the Motrin that they’ve given me but it doesn’t take the pain away.”

Whether or not he’s telling the truth is questionable, especially since the timing is such that it lines up with his recent appeal to the judge to serve time at home. Murray is set for possible release at the end of 2013.