rapper-eve*As reported here yesterday, there’s finally an ETA on Eve‘s long awaited album! The “She Bad Bad” rapper has announced that Lip Lock will drop on May 14. As her first album in more than 10 years, Eve said, “Lip Lock is the album I’ve always wanted to make and it represents me coming back into the game-lyrically locking it down. But I also like the title because it can be a play on words.” Click here for the full story.

*Rosario Dawson is on the case in her role for the forthcoming thriller, Queen of the Night. Deadline.com reports that Ryan Reynolds heads up the cast as a father that finds clues suggesting that his abducted daughter may still be alive eight years after she disappeared. Rosario is set to play a detective racing against the clock to find Ryan’s daughter before the trail goes cold again.

*Eve’s Bayou star, Jurnee Smollett, is returning to Louisiana, but this time the actress will be a resident of Bon Temps. “It was dope to meet the cast & crew of @hbotrueblood! even more pumped to shoot my first day 2morrow,” tweeted Jurnee. Jurnee, who was most recently on NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” and co-stars in Tyler Perry’s upcoming Temptation, shared her excitement with her Twitter followers. “Super excited to be on set for my first day on season 6 of @hbotrueblood!! Wish me luck,” she wrote.