Still shot from the video game, ‘Wolfenstein’

*The history of video game adaptations on the big screen … well it’s been pathetic, and that’s being charitable.

The Resident Evil films spawned a good franchise, but aside from that, most of them have been just awful. Does anyone remember Street Fighter with Jean-Claude Van Damme or Super Mario Brothers, with Dennis Hopper? Or Max Payne, with Mark Whalberg, or Hitman, with Timothy Olyphant? Yuck.

 That won’t stop Hollywood from trying. The newest attempt? How about Need for Speed, which will pair up Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul with rising-star Kid Cudi for a big 2014 tentpole release. The announcement of Need for Speed got us thinking – what are the best video games out there that haven’t been turned into flicks?
Here’s our list – and, as a bonus, we’ve cast them with the best minority actors out there. There’s no reason some of these names shouldn’t have their own big-ticket features.
WOLFENSTEIN 3-D – Remember this game from the early 1990s? It’s all about a lone, badass American soldier trapped in a Nazi castle, gunning down hordes of Germans. What’s not to like? Everyone likes seeing Nazis being gunned down on screen. Need proof? Just ask anyone about their favorite Indiana Jones movie. Guarantee you it will be one of the ones where he kills Nazis. Let’s go ahead and cast it with The Rock in the lead. He needs a video game-movie mulligan after Doom.HALF-LIFE – The awesomely-goateed Gordon Freeman is the computer game world’s dorkiest action hero, taking on hordes of alien bad guys after his screw-up opens a gateway into an evil space world. Perfect for a series of action flicks. Who can pull off the goatee and the nerdiness? Let’s go ahead and put Denzel in as Gordon. He can do anything.

DUKE NUKEM 3D – The wisecracking Duke Nukem was at the heart of one of the most hilariously entertaining action adventures ever, complete with strippers and pig cops. It’s a wonder it hasn’t been made into a film yet. It would need an actor who can easily balance action and comedy – in other words, it’s the perfect vehicle for Jamie Foxx.

SYPHON FILTER – One of the best Playstation games of all time, the original Syphon Filter was a fantastic spy adventure starring a bruising secret agent Gabriel Logan, and boasting a too-entertaining “roast your enemies with a taser gun” option. Who can pull off Logan’s suaveness and bulk? Let’s go with Idris Elba for this one.

DRIV3R – Speaking of racing games, Driv3r was one of the best ever, a smash-em-up, speedy action thriller romp through Miami, France and Turkey headed by ace wheelman Turner (voiced by Quentin Tarantino’s favorite, Michael Madsen). Since Madsen’s pretty crazy, let’s replace him with the great Anthony Mackie. He deserves his own action franchise.