evelyn lozada & chad johnson*It almost seemed as if Evelyn and Chad were going to make up sooner than later with all the confessions, back and forth, and public support. But the football player confirmed the two are still very much separated.

“Evelyn a I aren’t together or a couple, I’m in the Bahamas bringing the New Year n how i was born (solo),” Chad tweeted after his pre-New Year’s Eve dinner with Evelyn and his family.

So why did they go on a date? Evelyn tells it all.

“I attended a dinner with Chad’s daughter, not only because I love baby girl like my own, but to support Chad and his fan appreciation dinner,” she explained on her website. “While at the dinner, several photos popped up on the Internet of Chad and I holding hands, while in the process of blessing the food,” Evelyn added. “The blogs made last night seem as though, we walked hand and hand into the restaurant announcing a reunion, which wasn’t the case.”

Further, she made sure to clear up any brewing rumors, explaining that they aren’t back together. Instead they are friends working out their differences under different roofs.

“I know God holds [the future] and I’m taking things one day at a time. I appreciate the love from so many of you and right now I’m still working on becoming a better person,” she said.