evelyn lozada*Evelyn Lozada has taken on a brand new persona since the ratchet end of the last season of “Basketball Wives” and her grand closing of a marriage last year.

Wearing her big girl pants, the reality television star and model told VibeVixen that she’s understands why people blamed her for the domestic violence incident, citing that her track record of playing nice isn’t too great.

“I felt like I was getting blamed for the incident happening,” she shared. “That’ what most people connect me with, especially with last season.”

Though her violent behavior is never justification for a man hitting her, Evelyn takes full responsibility for her actions and her own image. Estranged husband Chad Johnson also spoke up in her defense in a recent interview.

“He did an interview and he was honest and real, and I felt finally relieved that he said I didn’t have anything to do with what happened that way, and he took full responsibility,” she said.