erica-mena-responds-to-angela-yee-beef-the-jasmine-brand*For the past week, some serious twitter tension has taken place between reality star Erica Mena (“Love & Hip Hop“) and radio personality, Angela Yee (“The Breakfast Club”).

Well, Thursday morning, Erica took their beef a bit further, by going up to Angela’s job (at New York’s Power 105 radio) to confront her.

EURweb parter,, spoke to Erica about what triggered the beef and what motivated her to actually go up to Angela’s job. They even got her to address allegations that she’s abused drugs and rumors that she no longer has custody of her son.

Peep a few excerpts below:

On what motivated Erica Mena to visit Angela Yee’s job: “When you talk about someone’s kid….she’s lucky I only came up there with a box of donuts and not something else. At the end of the day, it was to get her to understand that I’m really not playing. I sent the message through the grape vine ‘don’t talk about my kid’. She insisted on talking about my kid so I made sure to be there, around the time she arrived at work. Unfortunately, ever since Charlemagne got slapped, there [are] lot of ways to enter the building, so I did miss her. It is what it is. I came to see her and I will come to see her again if she continues to do so.”

On if she has custody of her son: Let’s put it like this–I’m a single mom and I have full custody of my son. I’ve never had a custody issue at all. His father doesn’t even take care of him. I’m his full provider, hence why I’m always working.

On cast mate Lore’l’s allegations, that she’s done or abused drugs: “For Lore’l to even say anything when she was hanging out with me so that she could be on the show. ..If I was on drugs, what the f**k does that say about your character?

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