FAC President and CEO Denise Hunter (center) celebrates First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program in Los Angeles with “Let’s Move L.A.”

*Los Angeles, Calif. – 2013 is projected to be one of the best years on record for the FAME Assistance Corporation (FAC) with a record number low-cost and no-cost services and programs available to the public in the areas of business development, health, transportation, and housing. An organization founded on the tradition of service to community, in 2012, the FAC continued meeting the needs of the Greater Los Angeles community with the continuation and expansion of its signature programs including Let’s Move L.A., Body & Soul, and the FAME Housing Corporation.

“We’re really excited about the services and programs we’ll be offering this year,” explained FAC President and CEO Denise Hunter.  “Community empowerment is a central part of everything that we do here.  So whether it’s offering free exercise and cooking classes in public housing developments, being an active partner in the fight against tobacco, or helping entrepreneurs secure the capital needed to take their business to the next level, we’re here, our doors are open, and the work is being done.”

Health Services

The FAME’s So Fresh! Marketplace is still held every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the corner of Western Boulevard and West Adams Boulevard offering fresh, high quality and low cost produce to the community.

In 2012, the FAC’s Body & Soul program partnered with the California Department of Public Health and its Network for a Healthy California campaign to encourage and aid African-American churches and community members in Los Angeles to lead a more healthy lifestyle through healthier eating and physical activity.  This year, the program will partner with the Association of Black Women Physicians and the American Stroke Association to carry the message even further and engage even more churches.

Continuing the organization’s commitment to health, FAC partnered with the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles to provide nutrition education and physical activity through its Champion Empowerment Program at the Avalon Gardens public housing development.

“Residents of Los Angeles’ public housing developments experience a wide range of challenges associated with chronic poverty in an urban setting,” explained Executive Vice-President of Programs Antonio Le Mons.  “These problems include poorer health outcomes, lower skill levels, significant economic insecurity, and reduced access to quality goods and services. The Champion Empowerment Program addresses several of these concerns directly and indirectly by focusing on health education and empowering individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices to improve their well-being at personal, household and community-wide levels.”

Each year, the Champion Empowerment Program will continue to recruit up to 50 individuals to complete a 40-hour training program to be educated in the fundamentals of nutrition education and physical fitness, and receive training in order to serve as healthy lifestyle ambassadors in their community.

Avalon Gardens had 32 community residents complete the 40-hour Champion Empowerment Program training in 2012, logging over 240 pounds lost collectively during the course of their 6-week training.

Also continuing in 2013, two initiatives sponsored partly by FAME Corporations, “Let’s Move L.A.” and “Let’s Move California” will serve as a supportive arm of First Lady Michelle Obama’s nationwide campaign to fight childhood obesity and raise healthier children across America (www.letsmove.gov). This empowerment initiative focuses on four key factors that can change health outcomes for children. The goal is simple but bold – to cure the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation.

Housing Services

With 320 units in 13 rental facilities, the FAME Housing Corporation continues to provide assisted housing and affordable housing in Los Angeles County to very low-income seniors, families, those with disabilities and to individuals and/or families with a member infected by the HIV/AIDS virus.

Transportation Services

One of the FAC’s most popular programs, the Rider Relief Transportation Program, will continue to provide fare subsidy coupons to eligible public transit riders who purchase transit passes from participating transit operators, which include systems in Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, Culver City, Long Beach, Montebello, Norwalk, and Torrance.  Applications are available online at www.FAMECorporations.org.

FAC’s Immediate Needs Transportation Program (INTP) participated in the 2012 Care Harbor held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena where free medical services were offered to thousands of uninsured and underinsured.  As a part of the FAC’s commitment to service and health, over 3,000 bus tokens to approximately 750 individuals and families were given away to ensure they had transportation assistance to receive their medical services at the Sports Arena.

In addition, the INTP has participated for the last five years in the Jackson Limousine Turkey Giveaway event in Los Angeles by offering taxi vouchers to the first 100 senior and disabled participants receiving a turkey dinner box for Thanksgiving.

Financial Services

The FAC will continue to offer its Personal Financial Wellness Program where in 2012, over 75 percent of those enrolled successfully created and implements a spending plan and 90 percent obtained a clearer understanding of personal credit concepts.

The FAC-SCORE Business Resource Center counseled, mentored, and trained over 300 small business clients in 2012 and is looking to double that number in 2013 with group workshops on how to start a franchise, how to effectively use social media, and small business financing.

The FAME Financial Services Breakfast Series saw over 200 participants last year who learned how to increase savings, household revenue, and improve financial decision making.

“We had a great 2012,” says an excited Hunter.  “We are looking forward to building on our successes from last year and reaching even more people in Los Angeles with the tools to lead a more healthier life, financially and physically.”

For more information, on all of the programs and services offered by the FAME Assistance Corporation, please visit www.FAMECorporations.org or call (323) 730-7700.  The FAC is located at 1968 West Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles at the corner of Western and Adams and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For over 20 years, the FAME Assistance Corporation (FAC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, has been a driving force in the economic development of South Central Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.  The FAC provides programs and services that have been developed as part of a comprehensive plan to build South Central Los Angeles economically, socially, mentally and politically. Online at www.FAMECorporation.org.