*Woodland Hills CA. — 2ND SCREEN GLOBAL CON ( 2SGC ), a non-profit education, entertainment and media organization presents “Everything Small Screen” …  a unique conference featuring kids entertainment, animation, second-screen, tech, and CGI (Computer Generated Illustration).  The conference and expo allies with power-house, broadcasters, educators, entertainment & animation industry professionals and powerbrokers for a monumental 2 – day “family-friendly” summer event at the Warner Center Marriott on August 23 – 24, 2013 in Woodland Hills, California.

2ND SCREEN GLOBAL CON “Everything Small Screen” event is dedicated to creating awareness of and appreciation for CGO (Computer Generated Illustration), Second-Screen ( electronic “buddy” devices: smart phones – tablets – digital – web content / creators – providers, animation and other pop-culture art-forms and technologies.

The stellar lineup of industry professionals are:

Family Friendly Films LLC., producers of The BURN – College Radio Network (50 + College – Universities), Blackmon Entertainment Media, EURweb.com, Clubsocietyhills.biz – Global Kidʼs – Tween site.

Ralph Guggenheim, CEO of Alligator Planet and founding member of pioneering computer animation giant Pixar. He produced Oscar winning short film “Tin Toy” and the blockbuster hit “Toy Story”. Credits include; Lucasfilm and Electronic Arts.

Northridge Universityʼs Dave Moon, Managing Director and Professor of the Center for Visual Communications (VISCOM) an on-campus “Think Tank,” which creates an opportunity and an environment that combines teaching with faculty, students and industry professionals. The VISCOM Team consist of above average students, with possible futures in animation industry. He is also CEO of Crystal Communications.

DreamWorksʼ Animation guru Francis Glebas holds a PH.D in fantasy. Francis is a writer, director, artist, teacher, and award winner who has also worked at Blue Sky, Warner Brothers, Universal and Disney. His movie credits include: How to Train Your Dragon, Aladdin, Lion King, Rio, Ice Age 4, Space Chimps. He is the author of Directing the Story and Iggyʼs Incredible Easy Way To Write a Story. Glebas was trained at the New York Institute of Technology, Walt Disney Imagineering – Disney Institute. The 2SGC Advisor and Art Director will champion, seminars and live tech broadcasting efforts.

Northridge University Professor of Animation – Art & Design has been working as a CG Character Animator for the last 20 years. He has an MFA in Animation from the School of Cinema and Television at the University of Southern California. He has held positions at DreamWorks, Pixar, Disney, Sony, Imageworks and Warner Brothers. His credits: Toy Story 2, Surfs Up, Open Season, Shark Tale,  Monster House, Iron Giant, Sinbad Legend of the Seven Seas, Chicken Little.

2SGC Affiliates – Woodland Hills – Tarazana Chamber of Commerce – Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council, City of Los Angeles, Traveling Space Museum, ASIFA – Hollywood, Boys & Girls Club of America.

2nd Screen Global Con “Everything Small – Screen” — consumer fan conference and expo will also feature celebrities, autographs, “Tech Zones”, performances, live broadcast, VIP Meet & Greet, parties, seminars,  demonstrations, competitions, contest, scholarship, ICON Awards, Student Intern Program – Studio City and fun! Visit:  www.2ndscreenglobal.com


2ND Screen Global Con

Mission — A non-profit – education – entertainment – media organization dedicated to creating awareness of and appreciation for CGI ( Computer Generated Illustration ) – Animation, Second – Screen ( electronic “buddy” devices: smart phones – tablets – digital – web content creators) and other related pop-culture art-forms and technologies. Through education, branding, exposure; conferences, conventions, special events, and competitions.

“Witnessing while preserving history through entertainment” – Diane Blackmon Bailey – Founder

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