corey brewer (denver nuggets uniform)*Cameo film appearances by NBA players is nothing new. Remember Kareem Abdul Jabar comes to mind, appearing in such classics as “Airplane” and “Enter the Dragon.”

The new comedy “Movie 43” features some of the biggest names in show business. Halle Berry, Charlie Sheen, Terrance Howard, and professional basketball player Corey Brewer, among many others.  I asked Brewer how he came across this role.

“Relativity Films did the movie, and I got the opportunity through my agent to be in the movie. So, it’s pretty cool. It was only one or two scenes actually but it was a good experience. I came in and shot my scene with Terrance Howard, who is a very funny guy. When you check out the movie you will see just how funny he is. I just came in and shot my scenes. So, I didn’t get see everybody. But, the movie is going to be really funny.”

Since coming into the league, Corey Brewer has been relied upon to slowdown some of the top scoring threats in the game. One night it’s Kobe, the next night it’s Kevin Durant and after that he might run into Klay Thompson. Sheesh, and you thought you had a rough work week. I asked Brewer what precautions does he take to prevent getting toasted night in, and night out.

“You just have to watch a lot of film,” said Brewer. “With Kobe Bryant, you can’t really take away anything because all he needs is 1 or 2 steps to elevate and get his shots off. You just need to do your best. With Joe Johnson you just try your best to make him uncomfortable. If he’s comfortable then it’s just too easy for him.”

Corey is averaging a career high 11 ppg this season. Though he has always been considered a threat to slash to the basket, Brewer is now hitting his outside shot with more consistency than ever. I asked what his summer time regiment was like.

“It was a lot of hard work. I did a lot of shooting, ball-handling drills. I always knew I was going to play great defense. Offensively, I knew I had to get better to help the team and to get more minutes. It was a lot of hard work all summer.”

Currently sporting a 26-18 record, I am fairly certain the Denver Nuggets are not on any team’s wish list of teams to face in the playoffs. I asked Brewer what he felt the Nuggets needed to do a true contender come playoff time.
“We just have to endure. You know, we’re still a young team but once we start pulling together a little more we’re going to be a really good team.”

“Movie 43” is now playing in theaters nationwide. Check it out for some really good laughs at the expense of some of your favorite stars.