halle berry (closer fragrance ad)*Halle Berry never ceases to amaze us with her ageless beauty and classic charm.

Yes, some of us women wish to look as haut as she does; and men wish there was more of her to share.

Since neither of those things will ever happen, the actress is generously sharing one of her secrets in a bottle. It’s all about how you smell.

Her fifth fragrance, Closer, is different, set apart from the rest and brings two worlds together.

In an interview with Essence.com, she says the new scent embodies femininity and sexuality in one.

“Well, this started with the name, Closer. That was a concept we wanted to create – something that would potentially bring men and women closer together,” she says. “It is probably more masculine than all the fragrances because it has this fougere in it, which is traditionally very, very masculine. But then it’s balanced out with the mimosa flower, my favorite, and it’s actually in all my other fragrances. And it has a little bit of violet, and there’s a floral bouquet that accompanies this.”

She even admitted its unique flare is perfect for a man as well.

“My manager wears it. I mean, he just flat-out wears it,” Halle says. “I know it’s not just because he’s supporting me and he loves me. He didn’t wear all of the other ones. But this one, I think he really likes it.”

The fragrance is something for everyone, bringing both male and female nature together in one bottle.

Read the full interview at Essence.