Chris Rizik

*In a revealing article titled ‘What R&B Can Learn from Country Music,’ Soul Tracks publisher Chris Rizik has tapped a groundswell of comments from old school R&B fans, musicians, songwriters, music executives, and others including artist Will Downing.

Citing the detailed music summary for 2012 that was just released by Nielsen and Billboard magazine, Rizik highlights some astonishing sales performance comparisons of R&B and Country music that suggests R&B is in a serious nosedive.

The numbers indicate that the wide appeal established by companies like Motown in the 20th century is now maintained by Country as if they took a page right out of the R&B playbook. The overwhelming response to the article speaks volumes about the huge audience that mainstream Urban radio is neglecting. With once staunch R&B fans now admittedly switching to Country, is R&B headed for extinction?

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