*Oh god. This can’t be good.

According to TMZ, Katherine Jackson actually needs Conrad Murray’s help.

Mrs. Jackson is suing AEG for the wrongful death of her son, Michael Jackson.  Her claim is that they negligently hired the doctor without providing proper supervision.

Yes, it sounds like she actually expects Conrad Murray to admit he “needed” supervision.

She has subpoenaed the doctor because he must be on record detailing the arrangements made with AEG; and in effect, acknowledge that it was AEG that masterminded the plan to bring him onboard.

Murray’s not having it though, and his lawyers, Valerie Wass and J. Michael Flanagan, are looking to fight the subpoena on “technical” grounds. If Katherine Jackson persists, and the judge okays, this opens the door for a potentially hostile witness. Need we say more.

Stay tuned.