JadaPinkettSmithcloseup*It appears Jada Pinkett Smith is feeling the need to vent about marriage, maybe her own.

The eccentric mother, actress and singer went in on marriage in a Facebook post saying the union shouldn’t look anything like enslavement.

“Marriage should not feel like enslavement,” she wrote in one entry before going on to write about familial relationships. “Motherhood should not feel like enslavement. Fatherhood should not feel like enslavement. Being a child should not mean you have no rights of any kind.”

The post went on about how marriage and other family roles should not be a burden.

In another blurb, she talked about “Dream Stealers,” those who stand in the way of people pursuing their dreams.

It appeared she was venting, but in an attempt to counsel. Typically, however, counselors give solutions and speak in positives. Jada seemed a bit bitter, no?