kevin durant*Kevin Durant got in trouble with his grandmama after she heard him swearing on the basketball court during the Oklahoma City Thunder game Monday night.

She scolded him via text message, telling him that people watching can see and hear him.

“Kev kev stop cussing so much they be showing u when u do,” the NBA star’s grandma wrote.

Via Instagram (see below), the 24-year-old NBA superstar responded with, “Haha sorry grandma I be so emotional, I love u…”

This isn’t the first time his foul language got him into a bit of heat.

A couple of weeks ago he was ejected, for the first time ever, during a game against the Brooklyn Nets. For cursing at NBA official Dan Crawford. He obviously didn’t agree with the call he made against his teammate Kendrick Perkins.

Tisk tisk “Kev Kev.”

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