lil flip*We recently reported on Lil Flip‘s drug and gun arrest in Louisiana, but he’s now claiming he can prove the assault rifle found in his car is 100% legal.

The rapper was busted Christmas night in Louisiana when a cop pulled him over for speeding … and then allegedly found ganja and an AR-15 rifle in the car.

Flip was booked for possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm in the presence of drugs.

Flip tells TMZ he has a valid license to carry the gun — which he claims is not automatic firing — and says he needs to carry it because he’s an entertainer who’s been shot before.

Flip — real name Wesley Eric Weston– gave TMZ a photo of his Texas concealed handgun license … which he says is also valid in 22 other states, including Louisiana.

As for the weed … Flip claims they were “Black and Mild” wine flavored cigars and clove cigarettes, and says he is “not one of those rappers who would carry drugs on me. I know better.”

Flip says he intends to plead not guilty, and adds … “I know they don’t mess around in Louisiana and I wouldn’t do anything to make me go to the big house. Especially on Christmas night.”