q wallis*Quvenzhané Wallis is on fiya!

If ever you doubted that this 9-year-old wouldn’t be but a one-hitter quitter on the big screen, think again. Turns out this feisty and free little girl is a ‘triple threat’ kind of chick.

Not only does she act, but also the girl can really get down with the vocals and do a little two step. She’s Hollywood’s newest ‘little darling.’

On the cover of Entertainment Weekly, the brown faced, bright-eyed miracle is a striking glimmer of hope for the transformation of the industry.

During her interview with NBC, she tells the world she knows who she is and what she has to offer.

“That means you do three things and try to do it at once. Like a 3-in-1 shampoo,” Quvenzhané tells NBC.”Yup, I’m a 3-in-1. Triple threat!”

Check out her interview:

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