lil wayne & styrofoam cup*Lil Wayne admits he’s no trendsetter since fans, foe, and critics have chattered about his white styrofoam cup appearance on “60 Minutes” a while ago.

The rapper unashamedly showed off his disposable cup on national television, causing the “double cup” trend and leaving people wondering what was in his cup.

We’ll probably never know what he was drinking, but the whole cup incident wasn’t his original idea.

“I did it cuz Pimp C did it, flat out,” he tells MTV’s Sway Calloway during the “MTV First” premiere of his “No Worries” music video.

“All I listen to all day is UGK. Everybody know that. Everybody know Pimp C, to me… I mean, you know, next to God and my mama and my kids, man, it’s Pimp C.”

That’s like godhood status.

In honor of his favorite rap hero, he decided to sport the double cup, no matter if anyone else thinks it’s too hood for television.

“I didn’t do it to be cool. And it didn’t matter if Pimp C was cool to you,” Wayne says. “I know I can get in my car and go listen to the radio and then I’m not about to hear Pimp C, so obviously Pimp C ain’t cool to everybody else.”

Now that the dust has cleared and everyone’s pretty much over it, the fact of the matter is, the ‘double cup’ move has become the rap-guy’s signature. If one happens to get a relevant television interview and doesn’t have the styrofoam cup, he’s not in the club of cool kids.

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