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Monica Cost, Chief Brand Strategist

*Imagine being 6 years old and losing your favorite aunt. The one who is just always in your corner and comes to get you to hang out with her just because. Imagine developing an incredible closeness with your grandmother (the mother of your favorite aunt) that is so strong, she is like a mother. She pushes you, causes you to strive for more, encourages you when you’re feeling insecure, teaches you many of life lessons and doesn’t dismiss you as “just another young person”. Now imagine losing her, to a non-specified respiratory disease within seven days of her entering the hospital for a cough, when you’re 16 and at the height of your formative teenage years. Now, imagine developing a new closeness with your youngest aunt (sister to the eldest favorite aunt), who has been more like your older and antagonistic sister. She becomes your confident and biggest cheerleader (besides your mother). Continue to imagine that just a few months after your grandmother passes, your youngest aunt and confident learns that she has breast cancer. And, then have the unthinkable happen. She loses her battle with breast cancer, not even two years after you lost your grandmother.

Don’t worry, I couldn’t imagine either. I actually wouldn’t believe it, if I hadn’t witnessed it. The person you’re imaging, you are, is a young, poised, talented and resilient young 18 year old woman named Ebone Marie Jimerson. One might think that these life events would leave a person broken, fearful of his/her own future, and potentially gun shy about living life after having seen what is possible. Well, Ebone Marie Jimerson has not taken any of these positions. Instead, she has put fear under her feet, clothed herself in courage, looked life straight in the eye and said bring it!!

At just 18, Ebone has started her own television show “Everything is Ebone”, become the youngest member of her chapter of Toast Masters 379, recently won the Donald Trump Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA pageant and received acceptance to the journalism program at her number one choice, New York University.

Ebone Marie Jimerson, Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA

Ebone’s grandmother, the late Mrs. Terri Beale entered her into pageants when she just five years old. Since that time, Ebone has blossomed into wonderful and outgoing young woman. She attributes her confidence and ambition to the example that the strong women in her life have set. Ebone noted that pageantry also increases her skills in communication and presentation, in addition, helped to overcome the number one fear of public speaking.

Ebone admits that pageantry is no walk in the park. She has to train for hours, keep herself in shape and consistently work on her presentation skills, among other things. Her 12 year old brother Brian, also known as “Coach B” is her pageant coach. He makes her practice her walk, grills her on interview questions and weighs in on all clothing selected. “He’s the best, Ebone says. Most people don’t believe me when I say that my little brother is my coach.”

When asked how she felt about winning the title after such a rough patch of life, here’s what she had to say, “It is a bittersweet victory. I’m very excited about my reign, and I’m also reminded of my three biggest supporters who were not there to join me in the celebration. I will honor my eldest aunt, Daynese Jimerson-Forsey, youngest aunt Mika Beale and my grandmother Thelma Beale by continuing the fight against breast cancer during my 2013 reign and beyond. They also continue to inspire me to reach higher and to be more.”

Ebone will major in journalism at New York University and aspires to be a world renowned journalist covering major stories and giving a voice to those who might not otherwise have one.

She belongs on a celebrity news site, because she is definitely a STAR!!!

See Ebone receiving her crown at the 2013 Donald Trump Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA Pageant in December 2012.: