manti t'eo (inset: ronaiah tuiasosopo)

Manti T’eo (inset: Ronaiah Tuiasosopo)

*Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o shocked the sports world when his story of a fake girlfriend (Lennay Kekua) seeped out to the public. It was so shocking that he scored an interview with news’ most talked about journalist, Katie Couric.

In the interview, he acknowledged that he didn’t tell the truth to family, friends and teammates, but denied any deals with a hoax.

So what was it all about?

Katie asked the million-dollar question: “Are you gay?”

Quickly he denied any sexual cover up.

Instead, he thought he was in a real relationship and thought he was mourning the loss of his real girlfriend who supposedly died of leukemia.

When he attempted to Skype her, there was a black box where her face should have been.

“She would say I can see you I don’t know why you don’t see me,” Te’o said.

“You didn’t think that was weird,” Couric said.

“No.” Te’o then got a call from Ronaiah Tuiasosopo saying that “Kekua” had died. Then, on Dec. 6, he got a call saying that “Kekua” was in fact alive. But he wanted proof so things got a little hairy.

It turns out Tuiasosopo used the photo of Diane O’Meara who he asked to take a picture for a person in the hospital.

By Jan. 13th, the walls of the big hoax came tumbling down and O’Meara found out that her photos and videos had been used to create this fake person after a reporter contacted her.

It wasn’t until Jan. 16th, he found out that Tuiasosopo was impersonating Kekua online, where the two maintained most of their relationship.

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Check out a clip of the interview with the “are you gay?,” question: