*Mariah Carey is a diva for sure and she’s proud of it.

The singer, who has a wardrobe bigger than most people’s apartments, is putting her fashion and beauty sense to work with a new line of nail polish.

The glitter glamour nail bedazzle comes in eight colors and will be available in January. And these colors aren’t just any old basic colors. They’ve got a “textured matte finish infused with reflective glints of light” and is specially named.

Try to remember them all if you can: “Can’t Let Go” in purple glitter liquid sand; “The Impossible” in red glitter liquid sand; “Stay The Night” in burgundy glitter liquid sand; “Get Your Number” in blue glitter liquid sand; “Sprung” in shimmery copper; “Butterfly Moment” in pale pink; “Anti Bleak” in royal purple; and “Pink Yet Lavender” in chunky pink glitter.

Mariah isn’t the only one stepping out as an entrepreneur. Hot British singer Rita Ora (below) just signed with “Next Models” and is sporting her first fashion campaign wearing Italian footwear brand Superga.

She’ll be the new face of the line of shoes for the Spring and Summer 2013 collection, hitting stores in March.

Rita Ora