martha wash*In a career spanning nearly four decades, dance music has been very good to Martha Wash. No question.

But with a new year comes a new focus for the singer, who has her sights set on bringing her love of other musical genres to the forefront with her forthcoming album, Something Good.  The eight-track opus has been a long time coming for Wash. Although she is known for elevating hits like the Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men,” C&C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat Everybody Dance Now)” as well as Black Box’s “Everybody, Everybody” and “Strike It Up” into certified dance classics, Wash’s musical transition serves as a natural extension of the woman herself. An extension whose time has come.

“I think it was time for me,” Wash shared with EUR’s Lee Bailey while adding that she continues working, traveling and doing shows despite being out of the spotlight for a number of years. “Everybody knows me for the dance music, but I’ve always maintained as an artist that I like different types of music. So I felt I wanted to record different types of music and I think as artists you should be allowed to do the kind of music that you want to do…try different things and see where it goes.”

“I just needed to switch up the music. I really just needed to switch up the music,” she added. If I just need to go back to dance music I can always do that but I want to try different music. I want to sing different music.”

Regarding the sound of Something Good, Wash described the offering as “a little bit more adult contemporary, little more alternative music.”

“It’s a totally different sound than people are used to hearing me say,” she said.

Evidence of Wash’s new direction can be found on her latest singles, “I’ve Got You” and “It’s My Time.” The tunes, according to the veteran vocalist, carry a message that strikes a chord with listeners.

“When you listen to the song and kind of immerse yourself in it, it can be taken in a natural way and it can be taken in a spiritual way. But just to know that someone has got your back. We all need somebody to help us make it through a situation that we may be going through and to know that there is somebody there for you is always very, very comforting,” Wash stated about “I’ve Got You. “

“It’s My Time” is for any and everybody who I think decides in their mind that they’re going to make a change, for whatever reason,” she added. “It is my time to do this. It is my time to do that. When they realize that they need to do something different in their life…it’s really kind of like an anthem for whatever it is you want to do, whatever you want to change. You realize in that moment ‘OK. This is my time to do whatever.’”

Despite her past affiliations with major record labels, Wash is going the independent route with “Something Good.” The album will be released on the singer’s own label, Purple Rose. No matter how the music comes out, the bottom line for Wash is that her latest endeavor finds its way to the masses.

“I want as many people as possible to hear this music because I believe it is good music,” she said. “I believe it will inspire people and uplift people because right now everybody is going through a hard time and they need music that they can listen to that is going to comfort them. This is the kind of music that I think a lot of people will like.”

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