*Local and international news crews have set up shop in front of Lance Armstrong’s Spanish-style villa in Austin, Texas ahead of the cyclist’s interview with Oprah Winfrey later today.

Media outlets began arriving before dawn, hoping to catch a glimpse of Winfrey or Armstrong, who was spotted jogging through the neighborhood on Sunday. Winfrey is taping her interview with Armstrong today for broadcast on a special 90-minute Thursday (Jan. 17) airing of “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” from 9-10:30 p.m. on OWN.

After a decade of denials, Armstrong is expected to apologize and come clean about his role in an alleged doping scheme on the U.S. Postal Service teams. Armstrong won the Tour de France seven times, but was stripped of those titles in 2012 and issued a lifetime ban after a U.S. Anti-Doping Agency report laid out details and witness testimony about doping on Armstrong’s teams.

The property is about an acre and surrounded by a tall limestone wall with large cast iron gates at the entrances to driveway.

Meanwhile, Armstrong apologized this morning (Jan. 14) to the Livestrong staff ahead of his interview with Winfrey, a foundation official said.

The disgraced cyclist gathered with about 100 Livestrong Foundation staffers at their Austin headquarters for a meeting that included social workers who deal directly with patients as part of the group’s mission to support cancer victims.

Armstrong’s “sincere and heartfelt apology” generated lots of tears, spokeswoman Katherine McLane said, adding that he “took responsibility” for the trouble he has caused the foundation.

McLane declined to say whether Armstrong’s comments included an admission of doping, just that the cyclist wanted the staff to hear from him in person rather than rely on second-hand accounts.