udonis haslem (as django)

Udonis/Django photo mashup courtesy of TheScore.com

*No more Udonis or “UD” for Udonis Haslem.

Nope, from now on the Miami Heat forward wants his nickname to be … Django. And yes, the D is silent.

Obviously Haslem went to the movies and saw Jamie Foxx as Django in “Django Unchained” and was mightily impressed.

An ESPN beat writer, Michael Wallace, who covers the Heat and the NBA for ESPN.com put the story out via Twitter on January 2.

From now on, Haslem says no longer wants to be called Udonis or ‘UD’. He said address him in 2013 as Django, FWIW.”

In other NBA/”Django” news. Well, sort of … in a recent interview with NPR’s “Fresh Air,” Quentin Tarantino says that his mother dated Wilt Chamberlain in the 1970s.

Ok, with that, we out! 🙂