najee ali (django news conference)

Najee Ali

*A movie and TV award show like the Golden Globes isn’t where you would normally find protestors.

But, according to Najee Ali, Director of Project Islamic Hope, this Sunday, outside the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the site of the Golden Globes, is where he, the LA chapter of the National Action Network and other community activists will be posted up.

Why, you ask? Because the powers that be behind the “Django Unchained” action figures (Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino) will be there. Yep, the film, “Django Unchained,” is nominated for several awards (best picture, best director, best supporting actor) at Sunday’s event. and as far as Ali is concerned, it’s the perfect location to stage the protest.

He also details why he and other folks have a problem with what are now being called “Slave dolls.”

“Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein are responsible for the creation and launch of the ‘Django Unchained slave dolls.’ “These dolls help trivialize and make light of the true horrors of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Millions of my ancestors died during slavery,” said Ali in a statement to EURweb. “Tarantino and Weinstein are making a financial profit off the blood of my ancestors. They would never dare to sell a Hitler or holocaust survivor doll because the Jewish community would not allow and accept it. The African- American community must have the same resolve to defend the legacy of our ancestors. Slavery is not a doll that comes with accessories.”

“The Los Angeles chapter of the National Action Network is in full support of the rally. We want these dolls pulled from the market. We’re not going to let Tarantino or Weinstein rest until our demands or met,” Stated Rev K.W. Tulloss, President of the L.A.chapter of the National Action Network.

What:   Project Islamic HOPE and a coalition of African-American civil rights groups will launch a rally at this year’s  Golden Globes awards ceremony in protest of the of  “Django Unchained” slave dolls.
Where: Beverly Hilton Hotel   9876 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
When:   Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013
Time:    3:00 pm

Sponsors include: Project Islamic HOPE, the L.A.Chapter of the National Action Network, Weller Baptist church. The Compton branch of the NAACP.

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