miki turner and her book*Remember the film “Brown Sugar” when Sana Lathan’s character Sydney Shaw would ask each of her interview subjects, “so when did you fall in love with hip hop?” A good question yes, but in the whole scheme of things, maybe a little trivial, placed in a fictional story…

But this is real life and award winning journalist Miki Turner has asked a more poignant question, making women around the world ponder “when did you fall in love with yourself?”   That question was the catalyst for her new coffee table photo book “Journey to the Woman I’ve Come to Love.”

Filled with amazing photos and soul-searching answers to that question – “Journey” features famous women including Halle Berry, the aforementioned Sanaa Lathan, Angela Davis, Gladys Knight and Angelina Jolie – to everyday people like a woman Miki ran into at her father’s nursing home who turned out to have an amazing story that included being a Holocaust survivor.

But the truth is everyone has a story … a journey that has lead them to a point of loving themselves, or at least Miki’s hope is that the book inspires them to.  However she’s quick to say “I’m not Iyanla [Vanzant]… I’m not trying to fix your life.” Her goal was more to collect women from around the world, and their experiences to show that we’re more alike than different.

She said she was inspired to do the book after sitting around with some of her old friends who were all around the same age; however some of them were discussing the need for a Botox or a nip and tuck.  Miki thought “it just occurred to me, I said at what point are these people going to fall in love with themselves as they are?  I mean ‘cause you can go get all the nip tuck and Botox all you want, but is that going to alter your self-esteem?”

On shooting some of the celebs in the splashy photo book, Miki says she loved Nikki Giovanni’s quote that she fell in love with herself when she realized she was smart.

Jennifer Lewis speaks about taking responsibility for her bipolar diagnosis.

South African singer Lira speaks about embracing her full lips and her dark skin.

And finally, on photographing Halle Berry, who Miki is close friends with … she was able to catch a rare glimpse of the starlet.  She points out that Halle rarely shows her teeth when she’s photographed on red carpets and the like.  Any image search of her will prove that (trust me, I looked), but in this book Berry’s lovely smile is in full bloom – maybe because of the answer she gave about when she fell in love with herself, but you have to buy the book to find out what she said.

Miki Turner’s book “Journey to the Woman I’ve Come to Love” is available now on Amazon’s Create Space website.

EUR Extra Info: Fans of Miki Turner can come out and meet and greet the journalist/author at her reading/Q&A session/reception this Sunday in Los Angeles at 3818 Los Feliz Blvd. from 1-4pm (Pacific). The event is being hosted by artist Synthia Saint James.

journey to the woman i've come to love (cover)