douglas prade

Former Akron Police Chief Douglas Prade is seeking a new trial to overturn his murder conviction of his ex-wife based on new DNA evidence.

*Do you remember a case in 1997, where a well known doctor was murdered by her husband behind her practice in Akron, Ohio?

Well, the nearly 20-year-old high profile case is being brought back into the courtroom.

Dr. Margo Prade was a well-respected physician in Akron, Ohio, at the time of her murder which was proven to be committed by her ex-husband, former Akron police chief Douglas Prade.

The crime was caught on a nearby car dealership’s surveillance camera, but the tape did not provide anything more than a grainy image of her assailant.

The case hinged upon the DNA the prosecutor used from a bite mark on her arm and underneath her nails.